Photo courtesy artist

After releasing his ambitious 6HRS earlier this year, San Diego artist Tim Dehnert (aka TRACES) has shared a new take on his standout track "Waited."

The newly released version features additional vocals from fellow rising singer OSTON. And while the original cut is certainly a gripping listen, there's clearly a new layer of emotion on this OSTON-assisted rendition. Perhaps it's the contrast between the singers, but it's a welcome addition.

“'Waited' was written after I took a trip up the coast of California in May of 2019. That year had been nothing but one difficulty to the next," recalls Dehnert. "It was doctors appointments, depression, tension in my relationships, hard conversations, giving in to the feeling of failure and I had no idea what to do about it. The lyrics are inspired from a journal entry I wrote during that trip as well as some realizations I had looking back at that time."

He continues: "I’ve been a fan of OSTON’s music and songwriting for a while now, so when I had the idea to have someone join me on the song it was an obvious fit. She fully understood the heart of the song and perfectly captured her perspective on the larger concept. OSTON takes such an honest and vulnerable approach to her writing and I think anyone can see it in her additions to 'Waited.'”

Listen below.