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San Diego's Tim Dehnert (aka TRACES) has released his new album 6HRS.

The 23-year-old alt-pop/R&B artist had been slowly unveiling the conceptual record which is his debut album. It takes place over the course of a six-hour sleep cycle, but beyond that, it's a very personal project, exploring the struggles of mental illness as Dehnert battles his own demons and goes into territory rarely featured in pop music.

“This album was birthed from a desire to push myself lyrically and creatively in ways I hadn’t before, but also to cope with a time during which I felt like my life was falling apart," says Dehnert. "For as long as I can remember, I’ve dealt with varying degrees of depression, but during this time I felt a significantly deeper, more clinical version of these demons."

He continues: "As I began to have more exposure to the music industry, its unsolicited opinions and critiques came in a season during which I wasn’t in a place to filter or receive it constructively."

Hear the album in full below.