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San Diego artist Tim Dehnert (aka TRACES) has released a handful of new music over the past few months, and today he is adding his new single "Waited."

The tender, confessional new track arrived Wednesday and it follows his standout single "Silver Lines" and his three-song release from back in July. It all serves as a preview of his upcoming debut album 6 HRS, a conceptually driven project which takes place over a six-hour sleep cycle, during which TRACES battles demons and personal struggles.

“'Waited' was written after I took a trip up the coast of California in May of 2019," says Dehnert. "That year had been nothing but one difficulty to the next. It was doctors appointments, depression, tension in my relationships, hard conversations, giving in to the feeling of failure and I had no idea what to do about it. The trip north served as a way to clear my head and get out of my environment for a while, driving for 11 days and sleeping in my car on the side of the road or in random neighborhoods."

He continues: "The lyrics are inspired from a journal entry I wrote during that trip as well as some realizations I had looking back at that time. In a 2 hour movie, we can watch a character’s years of hardship, failure, perseverance, and triumph but our own lives don’t summarize themselves so quickly. That may be trite but, at times, I wish life was as simple and clean as a film because there is no relief until some kind of perspective is found."

Hear "Waited" below.