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Rising duo PRiiCE is capping a great week with the release of their debut project 44.

The EP arrived Friday, and it follows a string of singles from the Irish sibling pair. Most recently, the duo's centerpiece track "Kingsize" was released on Wednesday, premiering on Variance just ahead of the project's full arrival.

"'Kingsize,' similarly to our debut single 'Sunflower,' is the result of one days work and a hard drive mishap," said the pair of the new song. "We sat on the song for a good while but we kept on coming back and back to it. For us, it feels like a really good and raw expression of what we’re trying to make as PRiiCE.”

For those new to PRiiCE's music, they fit easily in a lane alongside the likes of Easy Life and Still Woozy.

Hear their 44 EP below.