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Today's a good day because we get a new album from Aaron Taos.

The singer on Friday released his latest full-length, titled Closure & Campari. And for an artist who has long worn his heart on his sleeve and been very candid about his feelings and written from personal experience, this is an album which somehow dives just a little bit deeper.

"Closure & Campari is a post-breakup album," says Taos. "It describes the immediate aftermath of the separation while the dust is still settling and neither you nor your ex are ready to cut ties completely. It's the grey area of emotional purgatory as you both continue to orbit each other's lives; unintentionally allowing the feelings of love & sadness to linger past their sell date. For me, it’s a tale of how I chose to cope with letting go and moving on </3."

The new music also has great timing, as Taos is on the road now touring with Weathers on their North American trek, which will stop through Los Angeles, Phoenix, Austin, Atlanta, Philadelphia and more, wrapping in San Diego at the end of October.

Hear the full new album below.