Joseph Bishop

After returning earlier this summer with his new song "Family," Jordan Rakei is now closing out the season with the released of his new full-length.

Today, he has released his fifth album What We Call Life, and of course, it's riveting. As he's been hinting at with a string of tracks, this is Rakei perhaps at his most honest and vulnerable state, especially given the content on the record.

According to the singer, the album is reflective of an array of discoveries from his personal life and lessons learned through his experience in therapy, from his young marriage, his relationship with his family members and his early childhood.

"When I landed in London 6 years ago with two EPs under my belt, I set myself the ridiculous goal of releasing 5 albums before I was 30," recalls Rakei. "Friday marks the release of my fifth album with 9 months to spare."

He adds: "Achieving this ambition makes me so happy, proud, relieved and grateful (but also a sense of… shit, what next?!). I’ve learned so much throughout the process and there are tracks on every album that I still love, but I feel I have drawn it all together for What We Call Life and made an album that I’m truly proud of."

Hear the full record below.