Jackie Lee Young

As Zachary Knowles continues his introduction to the world, the singer on Friday finally released his debut album tendency to be a loner, out now via FADER Label.

The newly released record is a candid collection of songs written by the young singer-songwriter, who has already proven his incredible skillset for crafting infectious pop gems. On the album, he proves to be even more relatable, with a record for introverts like himself and for people who know the pain of young love and heartbreak. 

"This album is about my introverted nature," he says. "I wanted to capture what my day-to-day looks like as far as emotions go. Most days, I just wanna be by myself. I’ll say no to things I know I’d have fun doing, just because that’s what feels normal to me. Other days though, I’ll go out, hang with people, etc, and I’ll have fun. I wanted the flow of this album to feel like the flow of my emotions. Some days I wanna be alone and some days I wanna get out. This album represents the highs and lows of that struggle, and hopefully, it connects with people who feel the same way.”

With co-production from the likes of Alexander 23 and X Lovers, Knowles absolutely shines on this record. The album is a perfect weekend listen. And it's worth every second.

Hear the record in full below.