Photo courtesy artist

Mason Rose Gray has just unveiled her latest single “Perfect Design.” Delivering a more uplifting and bubbly persona, the songwriter shows a more playful side to her music, in comparison to her previous release “SURVIVE.” Gray’s acoustic-pop track is proudly dedicated to her sister sharing, “She’s always there for me when I need her and I love her so much! Our relationship stands the test of time.” The Florida based artist is taking a more upbeat, excited approach to her production, ensuring a foot-tapping, smile-inducing tune.

The new and adoring song will flood your soul with love and feel-good flushes. With a folky tinge, “Perfect Design” holds space for all things love. Written after a breakthrough of self-love and acceptance, both within and externally, Gray explains, “Perfect Design describes loving every part of your mind, body and soul as well as others. I believe we are all individually unique and special in our own ways. The world is a romantic place and love is the key to making it go round.” 

The minimal soundscape has a charming row of shakers and a soft beat glazing the track in romantic tenderness. Along with the fun flute style melody running through the background, Gray’s husky vocals are expressive and intimate; you can literally feel and hear her smile through the music. The classic acoustic strums make a warm, cosy base for everything to fall onto, resulting in a single that feels like a safe place for your heart. “Perfect Design” is easily relatable and a little bit whimsical!