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Just in time for a long weekend, easy life has shared their debut album life's a beach.

The newly released project, out today via Interscope Records, seems like it's been a long time coming after a string of singles the U.K. outfit has shared over the past few months. The record also covers a wide swath of territory, from playful, buoyant tracks, to personal, unguarded moments. It makes for a perfect album for the holiday—and ultimately for the summer.

"My girlfriend is forever asking me to open up, and it’s funny that I find it so easy when writing, but genuinely quite difficult in day to day situations," says frontman Murray Matravers. "Sometimes I feel like it’s not even me who is speaking, it’s just some lonely dude who has too much time to think about the way he feels…but this headspace should be encouraged. I didn’t even understand myself until I started being super open in my lyrics. Now I feel like I can say anything and someone somewhere will understand me. How lucky I am.”

He sums up the album: “It’s a record that wishes it was anywhere else but here, yet at the same time fixates on a dreary middle England existence.”

Hear the full record below.