Photo courtesy artist

East coast artist Bishop Ivy is here to wash away your worries in new single “tunnel vision.” Based in Pittsburgh, the alt/pop songwriter provides a chilled out, mellow soundscape in his latest release, singing about becoming completely tied up in relationship troubles. Reminiscent of James Blake, Bishop Ivy blends organic instruments with experimental electronic elements. His unique choice of sounds and samples even features a repetitive beep throughout, which was recorded from the check-out line at Target!

“tunnel vision” narrates the feeling of dread and anxiety that comes with saying goodbye to a loved one. We’ve all faced situations where we’ve had to walk away from someone, even though it hurts, but ultimately we have to put ourselves first. Bishop Ivy shares, “I was scared to let go of this person, even if it meant harm would come my way.” 

Engulfing you in an amalgamation of sounds and textures, the musician has perfected the ability to craft dreamy, relaxing music, where you can bathe in his melodies and soak up every note. Emphasized by his soulful, effortless vocals, he creates a familiar, warming feeling, making a deeper connection between both the artist and listener. 

“tunnel vision” follows his 2020 EP LIMBO. Definitely worth a listen if you want a soundtrack for those lazy Sunday mornings.