Khufu Najee

After a string of incredible releases, emerging R&B artist Audrey Nuna is going into the weekend with her new project a liquid breakfast.

The 10-track offering includes her previously released songs such as "Comic Sans," "damn Right," "Space" and "Blossom." To coincide with today's release, she is also sharing a video for her new song "Top Again," which is a collaboration with Saba. That video arrives later on Friday.

a liquid breakfast is a sign of my adolescence," declares Nuna. "It's the soundtrack of my move from the suburbs into the city back into the suburbs. I was a kid when I started writing it. I’m still a kid but there was definitely some Pika to Raichu action throughout the course of this project. I hope I stay a kid forever.”

She adds: "Duality is a big recurring theme of this project and my life. Nonchalant and overthinking, foreign and familiar, hard and soft, ugly and beautiful, alone and lonely. I wrote a lot of this project from my apartment in New Jersey, recorded a bunch of it in my closet, sweating.”

Check out the full project and the video for "Top Again" when it becomes available below.