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Last month, Audrey shared her standout track "Space." Now, she's offering her new single "Blossom."

The gleaming new track comes along with news from the rising R&B artist that she's releasing a new project called a liquid breakfast, which is coming on May 21 via Arista Records.

“'Blossom' is a song about growing up," says Nuna. "My grandma recently told me about her childhood and how she had to flee a war by foot. I’m happy I was able to put her voice in the outro.”

As for the upcoming project, she says: a liquid breakfast is a project about being a loner and the liberation that it came with for me. It’s my journal from the last year and a half. There’s a lot of different sounds and sides of myself I’ve captured and collected over the months I was driving around the suburbs of Jersey. A lot of this project was written in a car or against the smell of birthday cake candles and food cooking in the room over.”

Hear "Blossom" below.