Kindness, by Michele Yong; Peter Manos, by Alex Tan

Last summer, Peter Manos shared his stunning Do You Turn Red? EP, and while it was only seven songs, it showcased the Los Angeles-based artist's tremendous skillset.

Now, he has shared a reworking of that project, collaborating with Grammy-winning British artist Adam Bainbridge (aka Kindness) for Do You Turn Red? (Reimagined). The new rendition allows Manos' vocals to shine while uncovering new layers and adding a kaleidoscope of breathtaking dimensions.

“I love these new versions because they are interpretations of these songs that I would have never come up with on my own,” says Manos. “The arrangements, the playing, the way that Kindness emphasized my vocals—there are so many different things I love about them.”

For their part, Kindness adds: “Peter asked if I would re-imagine his existing EP and so begun a process of complete reworking. These 7 songs are all original production and instrumentation. Mixed in live takes (no automation!).”

Hear the reworked EP below.