Photo courtesy artist

Fans waiting for Peter Manos' first official project finally have reason to celebrate. His debut Do You Turn Red? EP is out today via Capitol Records.

The new project includes his recent song "Tennessee" and standout debut single "In My Head," which he recently pointed out came out three years ago, further highlighting the lengthy wait for this EP. It was also scheduled to release last month, but he chose to delay it several weeks in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and ongoing protests for racial justice.

While it might have been a longer wait, it has proven to be worth it, as the EP is incredible, a seven-song showcase of Manos' immense songwriting prowess. And as it turns out, it seems that's what he's been focusing on lately.

"I am spending all of my time trying to be a better songwriter," he wrote earlier this month on Twitter. "It’s all I care about. It’s all that matters. Production is nice. But it’s all about the song."

In addition to the new music's arrival, Manos will perform songs from the EP live Thursday on Instagram. Fans can also pre-order Do You Turn Red? in special cassette and opaque blue vinyl editions.

Hear the full EP below.