Photo courtesy artist

It's no secret, a lot of us are in need of a break. And Past Palms is providing temporary relief with the release of a new single called "Tropics."

Of course, the song title alone should inspired feelings of escapism, while still embracing big house sounds reminiscent of dance floors gone quiet, alluding to a not-so-distant past while also foreshadowing the light at the end of the tunnel.

"My vision for Past Palms has always been to encapsulate the feeling of bringing nature indoors while living in a nature-less place," the New York-based producer said of the new track. "With COVID-19 and lockdowns, I’ve found it more personally resonant than ever to bring plants indoors to nurture my innate connection to nature. As I hunkered down in my Brooklyn apartment this past year, I aspired to write music that felt like I was actually in the rainforest."

The producer continues: "I started ‘Tropics’ with a bed of jungle field recordings, cascading harp samples, and botanical textures. But I also felt the need to capture the environment I was actually in, so I included city elements like uptempo house beats and deep bass waves. It was important to me to keep that juxtaposition present between natural and unnatural elements."

"Tropics" is the first glimpse of Past Palms' upcoming third EP, titled Empyrean, which is out on April 30.

For now, hear the new song below.