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As he continues to tease a new project, Ben Kessler this week released his new single "Love You Now, Love You Later."

The tender new track arrives as the second preview of his Cruise Control EP, which is out on March 18. And while it's being released now, Kessler first started writing it four years ago and came back to it this past year after reflections of being apart from friends and family, the original inspiration for the song.

"'Love You Now, Love You Later' is about loving someone you can't be with physically," he says. "I tried to write this song four years ago when I left my family and friends for college; I came back to the idea this summer after graduating and (again) leaving the people I cared most about. I think it is comforting to know that leaving someone you love does not mean your feelings for them need to change."

Hear the new song below.