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New year, new duo to watch. This time via the impressive newcomers World's First Cinema.

Earlier this month, they shared their new single "Cold Sets In," a preview of their upcoming but EP, which is expected to arrive this spring.

"The song continues on to lyrically explore how pain and strife can bring you closer to loved ones," the pair says. "But even when that pain causes you to step away, we learn that starting over can be the most important part of the journey."

World's First Cinema began only in 2019 when Neck Deep member Fil Thorpe left the band in pursuit of a production career, relocating to Los Angeles, where he met John Sinclair (also known as Saint Claire), known for "Excavate," his 2017 collaboration with Macklemore.

Little did they know they'd be kickstarting their new endeavor in the middle of a pandemic. But they've taken it in stride, working on their first releases and already plotting for the future when they can play live shows.

Hear "Cold Sets In" below.