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Emerging Memphis artist Healy is capping this year with the release of his new song "Back on the Fence."

The spellbinding new track, which arrived Wednesday, is a collaboration with Swedish artist Becky and the Birds, who has been building buzz of her own this year. The new song is a preview of Healy's upcoming album Tungsten, which is out Jan. 13 via Braintrust Records/RCA Records.

“‘Back on the Fence’ depicts this sort of war with redundancy,” says Healy of the new song. “I have trouble following through on positive change, and I’ve begun to develop a sensitivity for when I start to regress into old thought patterns and behaviors—stuff like splitting hairs over the smallest things or ironically losing weeks of life at a time to the thought of eventually dying."

He adds: "Writing 'Back on the Fence' helped me acknowledge and confront this pattern and gave me a lot of incentive to break the cycle. Becky and the Birds elevated this song to a higher plane, and she did all of her verse from Sweden in a matter of two to three days."

Hear "Back on the Fence" below.