Photo courtesy artist

As Swedish singer Thea Gustafsson prepares to release a new EP under her Becky and The Birds moniker, she's just delivered a new song from the project in the form of "Paris."

The beautifully hypnotic track arrived Thursday and it's actually a bit of a miracle that it's made its way into the world, as the singer recently lost a an entire external hard drive's worth of demos, with "Paris" being one of the few which survived. She found it by accident weeks later when she was scrolling through a text conversation with a friend.

While the new song is undeniably breathtaking, it's also confessional, having been inspired by Gustafsson's struggle with hypochondria, anxiety and loneliness. That sense of anxiousness can be heard bubbling under the singer's entrancing vocals.

"Paris" is from Becky and the Birds' upcoming Trasslig EP, which arrives June 12 via 4AD.

Hear the new song below.