Photo courtesy artist

As SG Lewis continues to tease his upcoming debut album times, today he shared the opening track "Time," which happens to be a collaboration with Rhye.

“’Time’ is a song that is central to the album thematically and sonically," says Lewis. "Rhye has one of the most unique and distinctive voices out there, and I’ve been a fan for so long. We wrote the song at Rhye’s studio after watching the sun set in Topanga Canyon, a memory which makes this song even more special to me."

For his part, Rhye recalls: "Sam and I first met when he came over to my studio to work on the track. He has such great personal energy and a zest for life that it felt natural to work off of that and imbue it into what we were making. I think you can hear the fun in this one.”

The incredible, disco-infused cut can be heard below. The full album is out on Feb. 19.