Declan Creffield

Emerging Variance Adam Taylor (aka ADMT) is back with new music.

His new song "Man Now" arrived today and it finds the singer navigating a very personal space in his memory, reflective of his life growing up without a father figure. 

"'Man Now' is about a point in my life where I didn’t know how to grow up," he says. "I felt like I didn’t know who to learn off. All the pressures of being a 'man' (or needing to become one), I felt like the person who should be there to teach me wasn’t. I was kind of lost as a kid trying to pick up and put back together the pieces of something that wasn't there to begin with."

ADMT's latest single follows the June release of his standout "Good For You" and his incredible recent debut single "Dream."

Hear the new song below.