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After a string of blistering, Southern rock and pop jams, The Brummies are taking an unexpected left turn with their new song "Tomorrow."

The new track arrived Friday, and it's a stirring, more low-key effort. And to be honest, it's more of a tearjerker than the party anthems they've been known for, reflective of the last moments of a relationship.

According to singer Jacob Bryant, the song began from a droning note of a broken amp and evolved into a song about saying goodbye.

"I was recording another song and my amp broke and started ringing out this tone," he says. "I started singing along to it like I would to the motor on a bass boat when my Pawpaw and I would go fishing in Alabama on Lake Martin. I started this song as a letter to everyone if I found out that I would die the next day ... It's a sad song that we made into a love song.”

The new track follows the band's standout "After Midnight" and their recent single "Fever Dream." It's the latest preview of their full-length Automatic World, which will be released Nov. 13 on Sandbox Entertainment.

Hear "Tomorrow" below.