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The Brummies continue to lay a foundation for what they've now confirmed is their upcoming album, out in November.

On Friday, they shared their latest offering, a sweltering new track called "Fever Dream," which absolutely lives up to its name, with a sizzling fusion of disco and Southern rock, demonstrating the Tennessee-based trio's versatility as a band.

"It’s a sneakily sultry song about desire that we got creative on sonically," says singer John Davidson explains. "The musically ambitious second verse was the first thing we tackled in pre-production for the album. And some of the transitions on this song are unconventional. For example, at the end of the bridge, we used the clicking of a wrench, the zip of a zipper, and a pitched down ‘oh’ vocal simultaneously to create the desired effect.”

The new song follows the band's recent standout "After Midnight," and it's the latest preview of their full-length Automatic World, which will be released Nov. 13 on Sandbox Entertainment.

Hear "Fever Dream" below.