Photo courtesy artist

James Blake is releasing a new EP on Wednesday.

He revealed the news in a new Cadillac Escalade commercial, in which he is seen driving the 2021 luxury SUV while listening to a preview of his own EP, titled Before. After he drives into an empty hanger or warehouse, the clip then shows fans test-driving the vehicle for themselves and also hearing his new music from the speakers. They eventually make their way to the same location as Blake, who performs one of his new songs from a distance.

In the ad, Blake acknowledges times are complicated right now, but he still wants to keep sharing his music with fans. Last month, he shared a full version of his cover of "Godspeed" by Frank Ocean, which was prompted after Blake shared a brief snippet on social media, resulting in fans asking for him to do a full cover.

The Before EP will be available on streaming platforms everywhere on Oct. 14 at midnight.