Kid Cudi, photo by Catherine Powell/Getty Images for Paramount+

Another week, and much more new music!

Here, we're touching on just a few of the gems out this week (or recently), which definitely need to be on your radar. As you probably know, New Music Fridays are chaotic. Hopefully these highlights make your listening a little easier.

Have fun and jump into the fresh new sounds below! (Note: This article may be updated in the future.)

Kid Cudi — "Heaven's Galaxy"

Kid Cudi kicked off the weekend with his new song "Heaven's Galaxy," a collaboration with none other than the Star Trek franchise. It's a particularly fitting project as Cudi got his start with his 2009 debut album Man on the Moon, and space and otherworldly inspiration have been a part of his music ever since.

He re-teamed with his longtime collaborator Dot Da Genius for the song, which is part of the Star Trek “Boldly Be” campaign, timed to coincide with New York Comic Con, where a Star Trek x Kid Cudi booth will reside on the Javits show floor from Oct. 12-15.

Troye Sivan — Something to Give Each Other

"It's so good, it's so good," Troye Sivan exclaimed in his viral single "Rush," and that is certainly an appropriate summation of the full album, Something to Give Each Other, which arrived this week.

The new record, described as a "celebration of sex, dance, sweat, community, queerness, love and friendship," is a perfect balance of highs and lows, angst and thrills, intimacy and agony. His third album, following 2015's Blue Neighbourhood and 2018's Bloom, is arguably his most confident, self-assured and forthcoming work yet.

Perhaps the only downside is that it's only 10 tracks long...


Holly Humberstone — Paint My Bedroom Black

If we're talking about debut albums out this year, Holly Humberstone's is by far one of our favorites.

We'll admit, we've had for a few weeks now and we've loved it. And we've definitely been waiting seemingly forever for this one to arrive. Paint My Bedroom Black is such a true gem in every sense of the word.

"This album has been my entire world for the past two years and I’ve poured every lil bit of me into it," the singer wrote on Instagram upon the record's release. "To be able to write an album is literally all I’ve dreamt of for as long as I can remember. Thank you for being here I am so lucky and I can’t believe this is finally yours."

She continued: "So many incredible people were a part of making this album. You guys know who you are, I’m so lucky to have such incredible and inspiring creatives around me. I’ll treasure these times forever. My sisters, my mama & papa and my friends thanks for keeping me on planet earth and for your constant support and love🖤." 

The Darcys — "I'm Starting to Think I'm Bad at Parties"

You know we love a song with a long title. Shout out, Lana Del Rey, Sufjan Stevens and Arctic Monkeys. This week, we've got an entry from The Darcys, who are already our faves. And this new single finds the duo of Wes Marskell and Jason Couse continuing to lean into their strengths, turning gritty lyrics into irresistible alt-rock hooks.

That's exactly what they've done with "I'm Starting to Think I'm Bad at Parties." It's gloomy and existential and pensive. And then we hear the blasé declaration, "Whatever!" And suddenly it's, "Hands up, hands high!" And it instantly sounds like we're thrown into the middle of a rowdy,

“Life can feel impossible," says Couse. "It’s chock full of self-inflicted pressure and the astronomical expectations we set for ourselves. When we’re not working or exercising, we’re often looking for distractions, comfort, or escape from the existential malaise. 'I’m Starting to Think I’m Bad at Parties' is the opposite: it’s pure, frenetic energy. It’s focused and it’s in the moment. It’s 3 minutes of not worrying about how you’re going to make rent. It has the feeling of reckless abandon and the whimsical energy of the two of us playing together in a room.”

The Darcys are wizards. That's all we know!

RY X — "Moths"

Speaking of magic, Ry Cuming (aka RY X) is back this week with his new song "Moths," which arrived Thursday, just over a year after his wonderful album Blood Moon, which he spoke about with Variance last year upon its release.

The enchanting new track is accompanied by a video, co-directed by RY X alongside his past collaborator Théo Vincent.

"I wasn’t sure if i wanted to release this after I first made it, and it was the mirrorship and reflection of how it felt for you that encouraged me to release it properly into your hands," said in a note to fans along with the track's release. "I really love this ongoing dialogue between us, thank you. And I am so grateful to be an independent artist making choices in relationship with community."

Until The Ribbon Breaks — "Nature Mother"

Pete Lawrie Winfield (aka Until The Ribbon Breaks) dropped back in this week with his new song "Nature Mother," a riveting anthem highlighting environmental concerns and the role of humanity regarding the future of her incredible planet. It features guest vocals from Nashville-based singer Emoni Wilkins, accompanied by a video Winfield directed himself for the track.

“If there was a single lyric that encompassed the whole feeling that I have – and where I've been emotionally and why I even made this record – it’s that chorus," says Winfield of the track, which he says is his favorite composition to date. "It specifically talks about our role in nature and our role to each other: ‘Wild is the wind. Rage is the sea. If it’s in me, it’s in me, it’s our nature mother.’”

He adds: "For me, personally, instead of curing anxiety and depression, what if they are just a part of us just like they're a part of nature?”