Donari Braxton

Adam Weiner (aka Low Cut Connie) has released his new album Private Lives, which is out today on Contender Records.

Not only is it arriving on a Tuesday (versus the traditional Friday release), but the new offering is a double album, a 17-track effort said to explore the schisms between our inward and outward-facing selves. It's a breathtaking and ambitious project, aiming to give voice to the loners and outcasts beyond the spotlight.

Private Lives follows a steady string of singles released over the summer and as recently as last month with "Help Me," a song accompanied by a self-directed video featuring Weiner dancing around, shirtless, and eventually taking off his pants and exposing his bare backside.

While that track is a rollercoaster of emotions, the album itself also hits a number of highs and lows, with songs reflective of immense euphoria and others which are stripped down and more vulnerable.

Hear Private Lives below.