Photo courtesy artist

Low Cut Connie is eyeing the fall for a new album, but right now they're looking back at the good old days, pre-Covid.

Their new single "Stay As Long As You Like" arrived this week along with an accompanying video, which reflects on footage of the recent past of crowded concert venues, sweaty dance parties with fans, lots of hugging, meet-and-greets and what now seems like simpler times. 

Frontman Adam Weiner directed the video and describes it as "a love letter to my fans. I miss hugging them."

He adds: "I had Amede Ardoin on my mind with this song. He was a Black Creole musician 100 years ago who had the most soulful, spine-tingling voice imaginable. He suffered greatly and sang joyful music with a slice of pain shot through it. He was on my mind when I did this one."

"Stay As Long As You Like" is the latest preview of Low Cut Connie's upcoming album Private Lives, which is out Oct. 13 via Contender Records / MidCitizen Records.

See the new video below.