Jack McKain

Gabriel Garzón-Montano has released his sophomore album Agüita.

After teasing the 10-track project over the past few months, the full record arrived on Friday via Jagjaguwar in association with Stones Throw. It's a stunning effort, featuring previously released tracks such as “Bloom,” “Someone" and “Muñeca,” which arrived on Tuesday as the last preview of the record, an album which is at times soothing and seductive, drawing on jazz and rich Latin influences, then at other times jagged and bristling, with Garzón-Montano leaning into machismo.

“Genre has never been a consideration,” Garzón-Montano previously said of the album. “The idea of genre uses fear of failure as a baseline. Genre puts the music in a box. This album is anti-genre. Anti-fear. Anti-box.”

Listen to Agüita below.