Gabriel Garzón-Montano in 'Someone' video

Gabriel Garzón-Montano has returned with new music. Today, he released his new single "Someone," which is his first on new label Jagjaguwar, in association with Stones Throw.

The sultry new track arrived Thursday with an accompanying video directed by Anita Fontaine, which perfectly visualizes the song's story of two lovers in limbo trying to carve out a familiar and comforting dynamic while in a time of transition. 

"I wrote 'Someone' about a relationship that had arrived at an in-between place characterized by a string of escapist dinners [and] love making rendezvous at my apartment," says Garzón-Montano. "On one such occasion—the final encounter—my ex asked for some head and then dipped immediately afterward. It added to my heartbreak—a strange blend of resentment and admiration that I felt the need to elaborate on in order to leave my lol mark on the canon of desperate so called R&B ballads."

The song is tragic but somehow buoyant, with a funky, almost nostalgic undercurrent. And while its inspiration is one of heartache, the song is so undeniably glowing and endearing.

Watch the video for "Someone" below.