Uncle Luc

On this strange Friday, Denzel Curry is keeping focused on the bigger picture with the release of his new song "Live From the Abyss."

The gripping protest track arrived today, a "declaration of intent" which follows the rapper's observations of the current political climate in the United States. It's his first new music since February, when he and Kenny Beats released their collaborative project UNLOCKED.

"Voter suppression has been a ploy of amerikka for a long time," said Curry on social media. "They were more bold in the past but they found new quiet ways to disenfranchise us. As they attempt to revert back to these tactics just know panic and terror didn't work on us in 1939 and it won't work on us today. Native land. Black slavery. Chinese mining. Latino labor."

He continues: "My brothers and sisters have overcome substantial amounts of injustice to achieve equal opportunity. Equality doesn't come with a limit and no amount of your PRIDE can instill fear in my heart. This has been a Black Man Broadcast Live From The Abyss."

Hear the new song below.