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In case you haven't picked up on it yet, Austin duo Night Traveler is making some incredible music right now.

Their song "Put Your Money on Me" arrived back in June and is an instant earworm. They've since released two additional standouts "Watching You" and "I Still Love You," but as of today, they've just gone ahead and gifted us with a six-song project consisting of the aforementioned tracks and three completely new ones.

The six songs make up the first half of the pair's debut album Dreams You Don't Forget, which is coming early next year. To hold fans over until they've shared what they've dubbed Side A of the record.

As we previously mentioned, the duo, made up of Adam Fischer and Hunter Glaske, easily find themselves in a lane alongside acts such as The War on Drugs and Real Estate. And with this six-song set, they're offering the perfect soundtrack for your weekend.

"We put everything we have into these songs and are incredibly proud of this record," the duo said in a note ahead of the release of Side A. "Thanks for listening and letting our music be a small part of your life."

While the full album is expected in January, Dreams You Don’t Forget, Side A can be heard right now below.