Photo courtesy artist

Last month, Austin duo Adam Fischer and Hunter Glaske (aka Night Traveler) shared their incredible single "Put Your Money on Me," and as they continue to hint at their debut album, they've now shared another standout called "I Still Love You."

Like "Put Your Money on Me" before it, this new track is brimming with emotion, perhaps more so this time around, as the nostalgic five-minute cut is undeniably confessional and vulnerable, while continuing the band's influence from the likes of The War on Drugs and The Killers, both acts having inspired the duo's current sonic direction.

"This tune is about as honest as it gets," says Fischer. "I can go right back to the dead silence of that hot Texas night where I heard the words, 'You don't love me anymore' from the one I loved the most. They hit like a prime Mike Tyson punch to be sure."

He adds: "'I Still Love You' documents the journey of getting back up, owning the hurt you've caused, and fighting like hell for the person you love."

Hear the new track below and stay tuned for more from Night Traveler.