Kevin Clark

Sir Sly is kicking off a new era.

The Southern California trio on Friday released their buoyant new single "Material Boy," which is the first preview of their upcoming third record. And while it seems blissful on the surface, the new track stems from frontman Landon Jacobs' own very personal experience with faith and religion and getting sober.

“When I lost my faith at 22, I figured it was the end of any kind of spiritual life for me," says Jacobs of the track, which is part The Killers and part St. Lucia. "I now believe spirituality to simply be a process of becoming comfortable with unknowing. I wrote the lyrics to 'Material Boy' about feeling free to explore spirituality outside of the bounds of my childhood faith."

He continues: "I stopped drinking two years ago, and this song is about how I’ve learned to cope with life without the familiar escape of getting drunk. It’s a song to dance to, and I hope it can give others a sense of relief the way it has for me.”

This isn't Sir Sly's first release since the quarantine. As we previously mentioned, back in May, they shared a song called "All Your Love," which was co-written and co-produced by none other than Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan.

Hear "Material Boy" below.