Nick Walker

Sir Sly isn't letting the quarantine stop them from keeping busy and making music.

They've just shared a new song called "All Your Love." The hypnotizing new track comes at a lower speed than some of their other high-energy singles, but it shows a journey of personal maturation and getting sober. And to top it all, it was co-written and co-produced by Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan, who also plays bass on the track.

"From the moment Billy started playing this bass riff, I knew this song had something special in it," says frontman Landon Jacobs. "I've had a lot of personal growth over the last year and 4 months of sobriety, but I wrote this song in a moment that I was feeling very upside down. Fires had been raging around LA, and my daily commutes had started to take on a more ominous feel. Connection with others has been very healing for me in this new, healthier phase of life, so in these uncertain and isolated times, I found some encouragement listening back to this song."

He continues: "This period of social distancing has been taxing on my mental health, disruptive to a lot of the healthy schedules I've built up, and emotionally draining, but listening to this song reminded me of a time that I took purposeful steps towards seeking connection and help. Those types of connection look different in these moments of social distancing, but I can still choose connection even when it feels clumsy, I don't need to be a pig in the proverbial shit of utter isolation."

"All Your Love" is also not a one-off track, as the band has been busy working on a new album. It doesn't yet have a release date but they're aiming to put it out later this year.

Hear "All Your Love" below.