Photo courtesy artist

Emerging artist Austin Harms is back with new music.

On Wednesday, he shared his new single "Need You." And while the Variance favorite has previously established his knack for writing very personal songs, this new one is brimming with an undeniable level of emotion and angst, reflective of the track's origins.

"I wrote this song about an experience I had one night earlier this year," he recalls. "I had reached a really low point emotionally, a point where I was totally overwhelmed and ended up walking for a few miles that night without really a direction of where I was going. Thankfully I reached out for help and got it. The heaviness of those experiences really sticks with me—I wrote this song not too long after that as a sort of reflection of what happened and maybe as a way to look at my mess, understand it better, and hopefully turn it into something positive."

"Need You" follows Harms' recent song "slow," which he recorded during the early days of the pandemic. He also released his BLOOD EP last year.

Hear "Need You" below.