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Hold up, summer isn't quite over—at least not if emerging outfit Lately. has anything to say about it.

The Tulsa trio—formerly a five-piece—returned today with their new song "Pleasure," a summer jam which explores a deeper angle of connection, despite its suggestive title.

"You hear songs about sex, lust and love often. Maybe a little too often," says ringleader Sam Westhoff. "But we all know, in reality, that a relationship cannot last based off of physicality alone. This song dives into this concept."

As he points out, from the opening line, “Starting to think I love you is just a phrase you tell me while I’m next to you” to the main chorus hook, “Pleasure, babe, is kind of overrated” the song explores brutal honesty and "ventures into expressing the feeling when you’re reaching a tipping point of a relationship that’s been solely physical."

The new song follows the band's five-song project L.01, which was released back in January and included their previous standout tracks "Shaky," "Don't Really Care" and "Feels Real Nice."

Alongside Sam Westhoff, Lately. consists of bandmates Hugh Westhoff and Kristen Westhoff. 

Hear "Pleasure" below and stay tuned for more.