Photo courtesy artist

After making an impressive debut last summer, up-and-coming five-piece Lately. is closing out January today with the release of their first EP.

Titled L.01, the five-song project which had been teased for weeks, includes the band's three previously released tracks "Shaky," "Don't Really Care" and "Feels Real Nice," the latter of which remains the anchor, in addition to two new songs "Something About You" and "Isn't Love."

While the Tulsa-based outfit had already shown plenty of promise with their earlier tracks, the EP as a whole is a glowing effort showcasing their strong songwriting prowess, combined with buttery vocals and faultless harmonies, drawing on R&B, alt-rock and electronic influences all while maintaining a glossy pop core.

The group, made up of songwriter-producer Sam Westhoff along with Ethan Knapp, Jesse Perdue, Hugh Westhoff and Kristen Westhoff, said of today's release: "The beginning feels real nice," while teasing they're already working on their next EP.

Hear L.01 in full below.