Cole Bennetts

Haikui Hands have confirmed their debut album is coming later this summer.

The Australian dancepop outfit on Thursday released their glitchy, gummy new single "Fashion Model Art," a collaboration with Sofi Tukker and a preview of the upcoming self-titled record, which will arrive Sept. 10 via Mad Decent.

The 12-track LP is said to cover themes including technology, relationships, the absurd and social commentary. “The record explores an attitude of empowerment, humour and positivity whilst also delving into darker themes and expressions," says Haiku Hands. "We aimed to be original in our creative choices, we were influenced by multiple genres and artists but were aiming to create something that sounded new and different."

Specifically about this track: "The chorus of ‘Fashion Model Art’ was created on the train coming home from the Sydney Biennale. It was the moment we swapped from being our composed observant art critiques to our boisterous playful selves. We ended up having half the carriage chanting 'fashion fashion, model model, art art art art' on the train."

For their own part, Sofi Tukker says: "We met Haiku Hands on tour in Australia. After seeing them literally once live, we immediately asked them to go on tour with us. We’ve been good friends ever since. It was so fun working on this track with them. We love how they build in humor and choreography into their music."

Hear "Fashion Model Art" below.