Photo courtesy artist

Callum Afcouliotis (aka COTIS) has spent the past couple of years showing he can float between genres, but his new RECKLESS EP further solidifies that.

The nine-track, Martin Wave-produced project arrived Tuesday, following his recent singles "Girls From the North" and "Where U At" as well as his incredible standout "Simulation," which he released at the end of 2019. And perhaps even more than on his previous two projects, he's exuding real confidence on this new material.

"Young legend in the making," he croons on the confessional track "Up and Away," clearly embracing his status in the middle of a complicated music industry landscape, which has only been made more turbulent and confusing with the ongoing health crisis. 

RECKLESS is a process I’m still in," he says. "Just like not giving a fuck freeing myself from the prison my mind has created for itself—because that’s when I’m truly happiest is when I feel free.”

The new music follows COTIS' debut WAIT! EP, released last February, as well as his PATIENCE project, also released last year.

Hear RECKLESS below.