Nuria Rius

Earlier this year, Past Palms released his Vernal EP coinciding with the spring equinox. Now he's shared a new two-song project called When the Sun Reaches Its Highest Point in the Sky, aptly titled and timed for the summer solstice.

Since last summer, Past Palms has delivered a series of music "to water your plants to," but suddenly that seems increasingly fitting, considering so many of us are spending so much time at home, perhaps literally isolating with our plants.

"Imagine the morning summer sun pouring through old Brooklyn apartment windows, falling upon the dark green leaves of an indoor palm tree, while brash street noises echo throughout the plant-filled room," says Past Palms. "The aim of Past Palms is to depict that very intersection of nature and city."

He continues: "My goal in writing When the Sun Reaches Its Highest Point in the Sky was to create a soundscape that felt like summer, with 'Solar Noon' personifying the extreme heat and overwhelming abundance of sunlight. Alternatively, 'Midnight Sun' takes fragmented elements of 'Solar Noon' and warps them into something darker. It embodies that feeling of gloaming as the sky descends into dusk, but light continues to creep along the horizon."

It all makes for an ethereal listen. Hear it below.