Photo courtesy artist

Newcomer Tre' Amani dropped his new project Thanks for Nothing over the weekend, and it's definitely worth your time.

The addictive new record comes via Brent Faiyaz's Lost Kids label, which has become a vehicle for his own releases as well as elevating other indie artists. Faiyaz himself is also featured on the Columbia, Maryland rapper-singer's project, appearing on the song "On Us."

"We live in a time and place where no one wants to say what's right and what's wrong, where the truth isn't talked about enough," says Amani. "Where greatness is measured by what u have and what u do not—not by your spiritual nature."

He continues: "There aren’t enough honest rappers, there aren’t enough real n-ggas left. We need leaders, We need hands that nurture not conquer. Thanks for Nothing is an open letter to everyone who had the opportunity to be the strength and voice that we needed and failed us repeatedly. Thank you; it's my turn <3"

Hear Thanks for Nothing below.