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Emerging trio MILKK is back with new music and it's the perfect way to cap the week.

It might seem like a lifetime has passed since the Variance favorites released their god loves you & so do i project last fall, but a lot of changed. That was before they performed a tour and before the health crisis. But now they're here with their crisp new single "Dasani Water."

While the song itself maintains the band's knack for entrancing pop jams, its undercurrent is moodier, asking a question of whether chasing money makes us happy, inspired by singer Pat Kiloran's trip to Israel.

"I thought a picture I took of the undrinkable salt water in the Dead Sea over in Israel as the cover art made perfect sense. You think it will satisfy, but it only makes the thirst worse," he says, a nod to longtime suspicions that Dasani water contains salt.

The new song follows MILKK's debut album HEADRUSH, released last year. Kiloran has previously said he wasn't sure if the band's future plans would include another full album or if they'd focus more on standalone releases.

Hear "Dasani Water" below.