Reto Schmid

Sure, it's cliché to say the third time's the charm, but for HAIM, it really is hard to ignore. Their new album Women In Music Pt. III arrived Friday, and it's arguably the sister trio's best work yet.

The new album features previously released tracks such as "Don't Wanna," "Summer Girl," "Now I'm In It," "I Know Alone" and "Hallelujah," but most importantly, it's probably some of their personal music, as the siblings are distinctly more confessional and candid in the lyrics of this new record.

As we previously mentionedWIMPIII was originally expected to be released this past spring, but HAIM delayed the album release as much of the world grappled with the ongoing health crisis and the music industry, in particular, seemed to come to a halt.

Women In Music Pt. III is the followup to HAIM's sophomore record Something To Tell You, which was released almost exactly three years ago.

Hear the new album below.