Photo courtesy artist

SC.undercover brings music with meaning in his latest single “Morals.” Serving up his exhilarating garage pop track, bursting with U.K. influences, the British artist has formulated a rich and vibrant sound, highlighting his outstanding falsetto vocals. 

“Morals” tells the story of the principles and lessons that SC.undercover has learnt from his own personal experiences, depicting coming to terms with your shadows of your past and eventually finding the courage to move on with your life. “Morals” follows the release of his previous single “Darkness Before Light”, with both tracks following similar themes and joining narratives.

The Birmingham, U.K. based artist shares, “It was important to me for this to feel and sound different from the last single but have a connecting story.” Despite it’s deeper themes, “Morals” sonically shimmers with dynamic melodies, emitting an undeniable energy.

Fast-paced beats, swirling synths and sleek vocals create the ultimate uplifting, dance anthem. Think summer time road trips, rooftop bars and pool parties, SC.undercover delivers the perfect playlist addition with "Morals."