RY X performing at Royal Albert Hall, courtesy artist

Last February, Ry Cuming (aka RY X) released his incredible album Unfurl, which was easily one of the best albums of 2019.

Today, the Los Angeles-based Aussie singer has delivered something a bit out of left field with a breathtaking recording of his song "Berlin," a track which was originally released back in 2013. But this new version was recorded live last October during a sold-out show at Royal Albert Hall with the London Contemporary Orchestra.

It's stunning, because quite literally everything Cuming creates is just that, but it also feels so unexpectedly timely, like a gentle embrace for weary hearts, a reminder that we'll be OK, with the welcome sound of an audience cheering, assuring those of us who long for the live show that it will soon be back.

"This was a deeply special night, one I will continue to carry in my heart," says Cuming. "Standing on the stage at a sold out Royal Albert Hall filled with all peoples' hearts and bodies in total presence, and having the London Contemporary Orchestra by my side, a humbling and confirming experience for my spirit and being."

He adds: "I hope these recordings carry some of this energy, and also that of softness and connection, into people’s homes and hearts around the world. And I deeply look forward to being together again soon in these rooms sharing art and these sacred experiences together."

Listen to the live recording of "Berlin" below.