Jeff Anderson Jnr.

Aussie singer Tia Gostelow has been making waves since the release of her breathtaking folk pop tune "Strangers". Reaching gold, Gostelow was catapulted into the Australian music scene performing at major festivals and headlining sold out shows across the nation.

Since the release of her debut album Thick Skin, Gostelow has unveiled a series of singles. Her latest offering entitled "Psycho" is slick indie pop at its best, featuring Gostelow's warm vocals but this time with a punk rock delivery. The catchy tune narrates frustration with "gaslighting" in relationships. Feeling she has been painted as the villain, Gostelow becomes aware of the emotional abuse and won't take it anymore. "Psycho" is a triumphant anthem for all of us who have made it through the other side of relationship hell.

Take a listen to the relatable earworm "Pyscho" now.