Alexander Black

Moses Sumney's full new album græ arrived this week, a stunning, almost spiritual experience.

On Friday, the singer shared the second half of the record, completing the project for which the first half arrived back in February. Earlier in the week, Sumney delivered his breathtaking track "Bless Me," which really serves as an anchor demonstrating the full strength of the LP, which is easily a contender for Album of the Year already.

The new project follows Sumney's debut Aromanticism and subsequent EP Black In Deep Red2014, released in 2017 and 2018, respectively. It includes his previously released tracks "Cut Me," "Virile," "Polly" and "Conveyor."

As we previously mentioned, the album features a wide range of contributors and is also Sumney's first work to be written in his new home of Asheville, North Carolina.

Hear græ below.