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Even though summer might be right around the corner, for many, it probably feels more like an endless winter these days. Enter PREP and their new single "Pictures of You."

The hazy, funk-infused new track is like a dose of California sun to cut through the current melancholy, with singer Tom Havelock's vocals taking center stage in the song, which is a preview of the band's upcoming debut album, expected later this year.

"[The song is about] the person you keep thinking about but can’t be with, and the frustrations of trying to connect with them from a distance," says Havelock. "I think I was feeling the strain from a run of failed FaceTime attempts on underpowered wifi – all awkward stop-start interruptions and frozen chin shots. I didn’t want the ‘pictures’ to be too literal. It’s more about where your head keeps taking you. But there’s also some of that feeling in there of lying on a bed alone, zoning out while you scroll through photos on your phone."

Hear the new song below.