Thomas Frim

Cut Copy is back with their first music in three years. Today, the Aussie outfit released their new song "Love Is All We Share," which is perfectly timed and perhaps slightly coincidental.

According to the band's Dan Whitford, the song was written a year ago but because of the ongoing health crisis and the practice of social distancing, it's taken on a new meaning.

"'Love Is All We Share' is a song we made using only a handful of sounds, hoping to create an intimate and unworldly atmosphere," he says. "It was written a year ago about the anxieties of imagined future times, as technology becomes more all-consuming. But in light of recent events the song took on an eerie significance. Now, with our immediate future uncertain and people the world over self isolating, 'love' more than ever, feels like one of the best things we can share."

It's unclear if there's more to come, but for now, hear "Love Is All We Share" below.