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Variance favorite Matthew Chaim is bursting through the quarantine life with a new song "Form," the first of several he plans to release through the summer.

The jittery new track arrived Friday, following the November release of his album The Mathematics of Nature, which arrived in November. While the song is instantly enthralling, it finds Chaim once again diving into a complicated landscape as he explores the existential nuances of whether we should fear death.

"In a word, 'Form' is about death," says Chaim. "Not just the death that comes at the end of life. But rather the death we face all the time. As human beings, we are constantly moving between form and formlessness. Every night, we let ourselves fall into the death-like unconsciousness of sleep. Even when we’re awake, our bodies’ particles are constantly renewing themselves so that we physically take on new form billions of times a day. And as we grow up, old values die out and new ones are born in their place. With 'Form,' I wanted to dip into this eternal dance between form and formlessness, and get at some of the comforting truths I’ve learnt about this dance. I know that no matter what we do in this life, from the point of view of our formless nature, 'a million years from now, [we’re] still ok.'"

The new song follows Chaim's contribution of his song "Island" to the Gatsby Global’s compilation album Social Gathering, of which proceeds went to MusicCares' COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Hear "Form" below.



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Love this song. Thanks for sharing this.
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